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Project Campbell's Call to Action

A personal campaign sponsored by Nels Matson

August 30, 2022


"What would you do if a dream you had was determined to be unattainable? Would you be crushed? Would you pull yourself together and choose another goal? What if you met that goal and it would ultimately lead to your death? Would you think beyond that? Many people have wills, but what IF you could do something bigger, like leave a directive that could influence others to live. One young man did just that. Chris Campbell's dream of being a baseball player was dashed, so he joined the Navy; he became a Navy SEAL. After almost 15 years of service and many deployments, he was killed in Afghanistan in a helicopter crash, along with many of his teammates and other military members on August 6, 2011. Shortly after his death, I learned he left an accompanying note with his will. He hoped 100,000 people would donate to Wounded Warrior Project/WWP - an organization that provides life-saving services and programs to post 9/11 wounded service members. Just over 30,000 people have donated to WWP in Chris' memory. His last request was selfless and honorable. Let's help him cross the finish line and meet this goal that defies death and inspires life." - Cindy Campbell (Chris's Big Sister)

In the fall of 2024, Nels Matson will run across America with his eye on the world record to bring awareness to Chris Campbell's last request and help him achieve this goal of 100,000 people donating to the Wounded Warrior Project. To break the existing record, Nels will need to complete nearly three marathons per day for 42 days straight.

Nels would love for you to join him on this journey! You can do this by donating to WWP in Chris Campbell's memory or sharing this story.

100,000 people linking arms to accomplish this is no easy task, but who would expect an easy request from a Navy SEAL? Your donation (of any amount) will go towards accomplishing Chris Campbell's FINAL mission. After making your contribution, link arms with us and help us share Campbell's Call to Action.