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Juan Rios Meave

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April 28, 2020


Juan Rios Meave
Due to the nations epidemic, funeral services will be held at a later date.

Juan Rios Meave was given the gift of life on July 25, 1946, to Juan Zuniga Meave and Florinda Rios Meave of McAllen, TX.  This is where he was raised with his six siblings, Jorge, Diamantina, Policarpio, Diolanda, Sara, and Rosalinda.  After 73 years of living, on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 it was time to give his life back to GOD.

In the 1960’s Juan attended McAllen High School where he loved hanging out with his friends at the nearby water plant.  After graduating in May of 1966, he and several close buddies felt the military calling to join the already 400,000 US Troops stationed in Vietnam.  Juan said goodbye to his love ones as he enlisted in the United States Air Force, to fight in the Vietnam War.  Juan served the Air Force by working on B-52 Bomber Hydraulic Systems.  In 1968, his military base went under fire by Viet Cong Fighters.  As Juan and his comrades raced back to base there was an explosion nearby and their vehicle overturned.  He was deeply wounded and hospitalized.  After his recovery, this proud, military soldier returned to finish out his tour of duty. This would be the backdrop to his many heroic, death defying, military, stories, he would later love to tell over and over again.  Sometimes even having different endings, but his children never questioned their heroic father’s war stories.  Upon returning to the States, he was given a 30-day furlough where he drove to Texas to marry his high school sweetheart surrounded by family and friends.  After Juan’s 4 years of military duty he attended the University of Houston in search of a Bachelor of Science degree.  Shortly before his senior year, he decided to pursue a career in construction.  Where his clever imagination and engineering intellect served him well all his life.  During this time Juan and Mary Alice had 3 children, Michelle, Monty, and Merisa.  He worked long hours building and enhancing his knowledge of construction.  After many years, Juan and Mary Alice parted ways.

He continued to work long hard hours in the sun building houses and moved wherever the demand was needed.  During that time, he met Reyna and her 2 children, Mike and Daisy.  Together they had 3 more children, Juanito, Conrad, and Cora-Ann.  Juan knew what was needed to care for his growing family and could not stop to rest.  His large family never slowed him down as they traveled extensively with his blueprints and tools ready to work.  This Meave family would travel from Texas to New York to California and finally back to Texas where he took his carpentry skills and formed his own construction company in Fredericksburg, TX.  After years of love, traveling, and raising children together, Juan and Reyna ended their marriage. 

Juan began to feel his hard labor, of years in the sun, starting to take a toll on his body.  He decided to return to his old stomping grounds in Houston to start a home, where he would one day hang up his hammer and retire.  Then he met Cristina, the last love of his life.  It was no surprise to hear they would soon be married.  Juan continued to remodel and build homes.  He enjoyed spending time eating delicious foods, drinking cold beer, and traveling.  His feet touched the sandy beaches and crowded cities of Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, Europe, Monterey, and Paris to name a few.  

In the middle of March 2020, Juan started to become ill.  Days later he was hospitalized with a highly global contagious virus.  During this time, hospitals were closing visitation rights.  Thankfully, Juan was able to hear his children’s voices through a phoneline telling him, how much he was loved and missed.  In no time it was clear, GOD had given him a job in heaven he just could not refuse.  In his final hours, his son Juanito was granted permission to be by his side.  Juan had held on long enough and it was time to go.  At 10:50 that night, surrounded by a caring team of nurses and his doctor, angels came to escort him to heaven.  You will be greatly missed!  Until we meet again you will live in our hearts.  We love you! 

Juan was proceeded in death by his parents, 2 brothers, 1 sister, and son.  Juan leaves behind his love for his wife, Cristina.  His heroic stories and words of wisdom will be remembered by his children.  He leaves his loving legacy for his 16 grandchildren and unforgettable memories to all his family and friends near and far.

In lieu of flowers the family respectfully request donations be made in his honor to The Wounded Warriors Project.