As a way of saying thank you for honoring and empowering wounded warriors, we’ll reward your fundraising efforts with exclusive 2020 WWP gear as you unlock each fundraising level.

Stream what you love. Give wounded warriors the support they deserve. The resources below will quickly turn you into a fundraising pro and get you on the path to achieving the greatest impact for America’s wounded warriors. If you ever need more support along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re here for you!


Here are some of our favorite tips to keep in mind throughout your journey:

  1. Share your passion. Share your connection to injured veterans and talk about why you’re streaming in support of WWP. Make sure you repeat it often, so that people signing on and off your stream all get to hear it. Also update your personal fundraising page with this information. 
  2. Connect and promote your stream. If you’re using Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube Live, remember you can connect your stream directly to your fundraising page so you can see your donations roll in LIVE while you’re streaming. You can also use the instructions below to connect your personal fundraising page directly with your Facebook account. 
  3. Rally toward a goal. Not just an overall goal, but set interim goals as well, such as in the next hour, I want to raise at least $10. Breaking up your total goal into smaller, achievable amounts can help encourage donors to give a little to help reach your next milestone. 
  4. Share about WWP. Every dollar you raise provides life-changing programs and services that empower wounded warriors as they take on their next mission in life. Use the talking points on this page and share how donations will make a difference. 
  5. Thank your donors live on stream or on social. A heartfelt thank you goes a long way. Give them a shout-out during your livestream, and even consider doing prizes or incentives as a thank you.

Connect your fundraiser directly with Facebook and raise an average of $150 or more. 




Log in to Your Fundraising Dashboard and select "Create a Facebook Fundraiser."


Log in to Facebook and allow access to your fundraising page.


Head to Facebook to view your fundraiser and customize your fundraising message.



Use these WWP Talking Points when sharing the impact of your fundraiser and where the money goes:

  • Because of you, Wounded Warrior Project is transforming the way America’s injured veterans are empowered, employed, and engaged in our communities. 
  • Warriors never pay a penny for WWP programs — because they paid their dues on the battlefield.
  • Every warrior has unique challenges and goals. That’s why Wounded Warrior Project provides a variety of life-changing programs and services in mental health, career counseling, and long-term rehabilitative care.
  • This generation of veterans’ signature wounds of war often can’t be seen. 
    • Ninety-one percent of warriors live with mental health conditions that are severe including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and traumatic brain injury (TBI). 
    • Thirty-three percent of warriors reported having thoughts related to suicide in the past two weeks.
    • One in three veterans struggle to get the care needed to overcome their mental health challenges. 
  • Every $150 raised provides one mental health session for a veteran. 
  • Your donations not only help veterans manage their invisible wounds of service like combat stress, PTSD, and other conditions, but help them thrive in their next mission.



We’d love to have a WWP representative join you at your event, if possible! Complete our WWP Representative Request Form to submit a request.