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Chosin Miles

A personal campaign sponsored by Andrew Coughlan

July 19, 2021


I will be running a mile every hour on the hour for 17 hours on July 19th. This is in memory of Sgt. Dale Lloyd and PFC Charles Persing and the rest of 1-32 Infantry, 10th Mountain Division Soldiers.


This year will be 17 years since Sgt. Lloyd and Persing were killed in Iraq during a mortar attack on FOB Chosin. So many men and families’ lives were impacted from that day and a day that lives with all of us.


For years I asked myself "why, why wasn't I killed?" and the guilt I have lived with has been unbearable at times. The guilt for living, the guilt for not being physically wounded, the guilt knowing I still get to raise a family and Sgt. Lloyd and Persing never got that opportunity is something I live with every day. I have reached a point where instead of searching for the reasons why I survived, I now live my life in honor of them and others that I served with that do not have the same opportunities as myself.


Thank you to Wounded Warrior Project and the team for being there for me every step of the way and being a guide for me to continue to serve.