Community Soldier Ride

Empowerment starts with the decision to ride

Join us for Community Soldier Ride!

Experience Babylon or Hamptons, ride alongside injured veterans, and raise critical funds as they build confidence and strength through shared bonds of physical activity and military service. In this unique cycling event, you will share connection and camaraderie along the 25-mile route while empowering warriors to find solace and healing.

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If you are a veteran or registered warrior interested in learning about Soldier Ride, learn more here.

  • Community Soldier Ride

    July 19, 2024

    Coming Soon
  • Community Soldier Ride

    July 20, 2024

    Coming Soon


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  • "Thanks to your support, I went on Soldier Ride and then realized I could still have a life outside my house."

    Wounded Warrior Roberto Cruz

  • "[Soldier Ride] was the first time I had done anything independently since my injury. I realized I don't have to lose an activity just because I don't do it the same as everyone else."

    Wounded Warrior Beth King