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KJ’s KoS Challenge

A personal campaign sponsored by EmbOKJ

April 10, 2021


When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and outdoors activity ceased I joined The Sufferfest community (https://thesufferfest.com) to give myself a way to stay physically and mentally occupied. For those unfamiliar with The Sufferfest, it is primarily a cycling community based on the mythical nation of "Sufferlandria" that prides itself on dishing out mass quantities of positive pain and suffering (on the bike). 

In addition to many structured workout routines, members are given the opportunity to attempt challenges. The challenges range from The Tour of Sufferlandria, a 7-9 day simulated stage race of Sufferlandria, to a 30-day Yoga challenge. The ultimate challenge is the 1-day challenge to become a Knight of Sufferlandria, known as the KoS challenge (https://thesufferfest.com/pages/knights-of-sufferlandria).  To complete the challenge and be eligible for the KoS title, complete 10 of The Sufferfest's most challenging workouts in a row, with no more than 10 minutes rest in-between workouts. All said, the challenge equates to about 10 hours of riding.

Although not required, The Sufferfest encourages participants to undertake the challenge for a cause. With that in mind, I thought about all the veterans that face real challenges. So, in keeping with the spirit of the KoS challenge and in support of so many brave men and women living through physical, mental, and emotional challenges day after day, I chose the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) as my KoS attempt cause and was wondering if you would consider making a donation. Your gift will support life-changing programs that empower, employ, and engage injured veterans. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, warriors and their families will never pay a penny for these services.