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3rd Annual Throw for our Warriors

A personal campaign sponsored by Jesse Cheadle

July 21, 2020


I’ve started a fundraiser to raise money for Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) and was wondering if you would consider making a donation? Your gift will support life-changing programs that empower, employ, and engage America’s injured veterans. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, warriors and their families will never pay a penny for these services.

This year WWP has committed $10M  to help meet the immediate needs of warriors who are in urgent and significant financial crisis due to the loss of household income caused by the coronavirus pandemic. See links below. 

This event was started to honor the wishes of a 14 year old who wanted to donate her birthday to honor Veterans through WWP.  We talked and thought it would be a great idea to raise funds through a disc golf tournament.  It was so successful, I was encouraged to do it again and again.  This year, the tournament falls on my birthday October 3.  Now it is my turn to donate my birthday to the same cause.

WWP has helped me personally through programs such as Alumni events, Combat Stress and Recovery Programs, Marriage Counseling, Individual Counseling and education and housing benefit services.  My wife and children have also benefited from services through WWP through Alumni and Family events, Couples Project Odyssey Retreat and individual and family counseling services.

I attended a Project Odyssey Retreat in Long Creek, SC, where the focus is self care and healing through team events such as white water rafting, zip lining and obstacle and ropes courses.  We learned relaxation techniques, yoga, goal setting and diet/exercise habits.  Upon conclusion of the event, I had the opportunity to request additional services through WWP. I bonded with several other Veterans who participated and still keep in touch with them today. This program was available at no cost because of the generous donations that have been received through WWP.

I attended a Couples Project Odyssey Retreat in New York with my wife where the focus is understanding the Veteran and spouse and the issues they have incurred through their service.  Topics included reintegration back into the household and community, communication, couples self care, group events involving yoga, diet and exercise and team building.  It was an amazing event and really brought understanding to each other.  We continue to practice skills that we learned over a year ago on a daily basis.  This program also was available at no cost to me or my wife.  We also requested referrals for additional counseling and continued to work on our struggles.  I am pleased to say this program was extremely powerful and brought us closer to each other.

I have attended Alumni, Alumni and Spouse and Alumni and Family events.  We have attended hockey games, dinners, art classes where we learned to paint, baseball games and fishing events.  Again, at the end of each event the WWP representative holding the function offered referrals for additional programs.

Wounded Warrior Project is truly an amazing organization whose mission and professionalism is unparalleled.    

Thank you for your support!