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Stream to Serve

A personal campaign sponsored by Adrian Charlie

November 11, 2019

My gaming handle is thecroshow and through gaming I've met many men and women that have bravely served their countries. They make me so proud, and so thankful. Recently I was able to meet a dear friend of mine who served in the Navy. I gave him a hug and cried because that moment brought me so much happiness.

I met the folks at Wounded Warrior Project last year and they told me that every bit helps. I've never done a fundraiser before, but I'd love to help make a difference to the lives of the men and women that are responsible for the freedoms I enjoy every day.

If you are unable to donate, please consider sharing this page with others. No donation is too small. I'm keeping the campaign open until the end of 2019. We already received our first two generous donations before my 12 hour stream on Twitch! 

I'm streaming for 12 hours on Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day on November 11 at 8am PST (4pm GMT). I'm working on inviting guests to the stream, play games together, talk, share stories and also share some interesting facts from US and Canadian military history. I'm not an expert, but I'm dedicated to learning.