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Turn your special occasion into one that gives back to America’s wounded warriors. Create an online fundraiser to ask for donations instead of gifts to celebrate your birthday, wedding, graduation, or any other special day. Every dollar gifted will help empower, employ, and engage veterans in our communities.

How it works.

We’ll give you the tools to make your special day one to remember,
and celebrate with the gift of giving.



Register online and customize your celebration page.


Share the mission and ask for donations in lieu of gifts in advance of your special day.


It's your day! Celebrate knowing that you are changing warriors' lives for the better.

Cue the Confetti for Some All-Star Campaigns!

I have plenty of toys,

so for my birthday this year,

I'd like to bring some cheer,

to those amazing warriors

that know our freedom is not free and

fought for you and me.

Presents I do not need,

I'd rather you join me in doing a good deed.

Elijah wrote a creative poem and asked for donations instead of presents to celebrate his 9th birthday! He chose to fundraise for veterans because he loves the military and “admires veterans for how brave and smart they are.”

Elijah's 9th Birthday – $435 raised

We can’t wait to celebrate with you! Let’s get started.

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